"Duo Miri" is an acrobatic dance duo that consists of man part Mourad Miri and his second half and partner Olesia Miri.

We perform in different styles as: jazz-modern, contemporary, comedy magic, laser+LED show, aerial net, aerial silk with huge amount of complicated various acrobatic elements including original circus acts.

Olesia Miri

(weight 42 kg, height 165 cm)

was congratulate with a Master of Sports Gymnastic Acrobatic of Ukraine, she continued her academic courses at the Kiev Academy Circus and variety acts and she was graduate with a diploma after her academic career.

Mourad Miri

(weight 77 kg, height 176 cm)

is professional acrobatic artist, taking a diploma of acrobat more than 15 years of devoting his passion to acrobat circus in different performance over the world.
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